Friday, October 3, 2014

Jack into the Raspberry Pi!

I got an extension cable for HDMI, a case for the board, and breadboard for development.
And I connect to the old Apple's cinema display (through HDMI -> DVI -> ADC), a keyboard and a mouse.

Then, POWER ON(connect the USB cable).
Yes! This system runs perfect. (^_^)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Raspberry Pi, could use TV monitor that has HDMI port. But I don't have any monitors with HDMI port on my desk.
Though, I bought HDMI/DVI adapter and attached it.

Oh my.... This adapter interferes with the connecter of microUSB for power supply! I need a extension cable of HDMI. orz

openFrameworks on the Raspberry Pi

What should I use a tool for development?

I have some experiences for using openFrameworks. I saw the article of using openFrameworks on Raspberry Pi on the Net, then I found it. I needed to hit some commands from terminal but it's not that hard. I waited the compiling finished, run a example project in the openFrameworks. It ran! I did't feel it slow.
So, this is so exciting tool for 'PLAYING THE COMPUTER!'.

Let's get started!

I thought something 'New' for my brain, and decided to start the 'Raspberry Pi'.
At first, I got a book for Raspberry Pi beginner.

Next day, I went to 'Akihabara' city to buy a 'Raspberry Pi (type B+). It's so small!.

I found some users pages on the web, I started to make bootable SD(microSD). I bought 8GB microSD, and download some apps and system files, and hit some commands on the terminal for formatting and copying the files to the card. Yes, I finished, and put into the card slot on the Raspberry Pi, connected some cables(HDMI, keyboard, mouse, and microUSB for power supply. Then...., I got nothing on the screen. Just a black screen. I doubted compatibility of microSD and Raspberry Pi. I tried another microSD card(4GB, class4), The result were same. Hmmm, is this card broken? Compatibility of HDMI(TV) monitor? OK, read the book. In this book, start form 'NOOBS' for installation. I did it, from 'NOOBS'.
Hey! I got a screen for installation!!!! So, I had to start from here.
And now, I can use this small computer. There are some web browsers in it. I could see the Facebook, but very slow(700MHz clock).
Of course, I know this computer is not for office use. lol